Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty Pearls

I find the oddest things delightful. Yesterday my sister and I were stranded at Target waiting for our mom to come pick us up. We had some extra money so my sis bought a black knit hat (very cute) and I bought these faux pearl necklaces.
Now this was actually a compulsive purchase. I usually have a plan when I go into a store, but yesterday I didn't. And when I saw those I just decided to buy them. I thought they were three strands connected in the back with a clasp, but when I arrived home and opened up the packaging I realized it was three strands on elastic stretch cord.
I was disappointed! I paid $7.50 for beads and stretchy string. But then I put them on... And I fell in love. The oddest things can bring delight to me, and this was one of those things. For some reason wearing these necklaces, or even just one by itself, makes me happy inside. I did come pretty close to buying a useless item, so next time I'll be more careful to only buy things I know I have use for.
Hmm... I hope this doesn't make me sound like a materialistic, shallow girl. I think that it is actually the joy of the Lord that makes simple things like a faux pearl necklace delightful. Whatever it is, I know I am happy.

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